Guess bags spring summer 2015

April 7, 2015

This year’s spring / summer collection of Guess bags 2015 will be full of pants and Guess handbags the strangest fantasies, zebra heads of all colors, nails, clothes mostly dark and full of studs or with the classic Rock-Romantic style.
You thought of going around with ordinary bags maybe even white? Yes, there are also those. Guess this year with the collection  of Guess bags “A dream within at dream” exceeded all expectations by creating totally different styles of handbags to pleasure all tastes. Well, what do you think?

Guess handbags 2015

But that’s not all:
Classic jeans, classic t … what’s missing? The shoes, possibly by breaking the original classic! This year only open shoes, sandals, high, high heels and very few wedges, all colored and classical.

Guess borse

And again the part fantasy: six front of the mirror, with the fantasy romantic, the pants and shoes strictly black, to be mixed with the fashion Guess handbags. There are no problem with the pants that have the pockets too small and even, the Guess bags are jewel to take all with you. What can I do? And why not complete the look with a bag and some of Accessories of Guess? Always remains on the monotonous, making happy all types of women: the more refined the more casual, even though the bags have more style RockChic ever.
Well, hope you like at least something of these samples. I personally I would dress completely Guess.
A kiss to everyone see you next time.

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