Guess produces: clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, underwear, sunglasses

February 29, 2016

GUESS offers exclusive fashion and accessories for men and women through its online store. This repudata design clothing brand founded by the Marciano brothers in the 1980s has an important reputation in the fashion world thanks to its commitment to an elegant and innovative style and impeccable tailoring.
Clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories … GUESS delivers fashion and design first line with the new catwalk trends and always on that basis of elegance and sensuality that characterizes all proposals of this fashion giant. All people who come to the website can access GUESS its wide range of products categorized into:
Guess borse

Women: clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, underwear, sunglasses … designed for young and elegant women.
Man: parkas, shirts, sweaters, jeans, shoes, accessories … for men who like to dress the last with quality garments.
Watches: blending design and latest technology.
Children: clothing and accessories for children from 0 to 16 years

GUESS website also features an outlet section where you can find clothing and items that offer discount prices. A great opportunity to gain first clothing at bargain prices.
What is special about GUESS?
Through the website GUESS you can access the best fashion in excellent condition. Its wide range of proposals for dress and quality assurance forged over the years make buying GUESS is a safe option. When consulting your catalog in search of a garment or accessory, there are a number of options and categories by which you can navigate. Besides that, the online collection offered is much broader than that offered in physical stores of the brand. This is a great advantage in being able to buy from the comfort of home and to have a large catalog from which gawk.
Is my ideal choice GUESS?
GUESS is presented as a good option for all those seeking the latest information and to look elegant style at the same time sensual. GUESS designs are trend and adapt to the needs of all kinds of people. Their prices may be more expensive than the more casual clothing stores, but the quality of their clothing is much better.
GUESS: Conclusions
Many of us like to look cool. Wear a stylish and innovative aspect that makes us feel good and project an image of us with which we feel achievers. GUESS clothing is extremely stylish and quality is more than proven. Worth visiting its website from time to time to give a touch of style to our wardrobe.


borse carpisa Liu Jo BORSE

How to recognize an original guess purse

Fashion accessories for women are the point of preference of the big brands, which create real wonders. Bags, especially, are the defendants in this world. Guess bags creates a relatively affordable compared to other fashion houses price, but there is a parallel market dedicated to imitation. Do you know how to differentiate true Guess handbags or false? In un we explain.

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ALSO interesting collections for women purses

Carpisa Liu Jo BORSE

Guess bags spring summer 2015

April 7, 2015

This year’s spring / summer collection of Guess bags 2015 will be full of pants and Guess handbags the strangest fantasies, zebra heads of all colors, nails, clothes mostly dark and full of studs or with the classic Rock-Romantic style.
You thought of going around with ordinary bags maybe even white? Yes, there are also those. Guess this year with the collection  of Guess bags “A dream within at dream” exceeded all expectations by creating totally different styles of handbags to pleasure all tastes. Well, what do you think?

Guess handbags 2015

But that’s not all:
Classic jeans, classic t … what’s missing? The shoes, possibly by breaking the original classic! This year only open shoes, sandals, high, high heels and very few wedges, all colored and classical.

Guess borse

And again the part fantasy: six front of the mirror, with the fantasy romantic, the pants and shoes strictly black, to be mixed with the fashion Guess handbags. There are no problem with the pants that have the pockets too small and even, the Guess bags are jewel to take all with you. What can I do? And why not complete the look with a bag and some of Accessories of Guess? Always remains on the monotonous, making happy all types of women: the more refined the more casual, even though the bags have more style RockChic ever.
Well, hope you like at least something of these samples. I personally I would dress completely Guess.
A kiss to everyone see you next time.

Guess handbags 2015

November 13, 2014

Guess reveals bags collection for autumn-winter 2014/2015, models appropriate for continuously for the months of wintertime. The brand name supplies a variety in line with the dictates of the moment, while holding to the style that contrasts with city posh for women that encounter the life in the big city, stylish and contemporary to the most essential nights. Space for pet prints and the use of reptile skin, along with attractive aspects such as studs and also edge bags that will lighten up also during grayer year.

borse Guess animalier

Presume he offered the collection of summertime bags, recommending brand-new models of the great standards of the line. For Guess bags autumn-winter 2014 2015 the well-known bags are presented in a new semblance, with certain focus on the use of reptile skin, according to the style dictated by footways as well as embraced by various other brands.
The versions are various and concern meet everybody’s demands: the customer or tote are best for the day, to be fulled of every little thing that is had to resolve a lengthy day hectic routine. The hobo is decorated with charming information like the natural leather bow of Geraldine, or more stone with little studs as well as edges on Chelsea and Westbrook.
Pet prints provide an initial touch to the trunks with single manage and also removable shoulder band or twin manage: really particular trunks with crocodile print in purple and pink.
For the cold month standards of our home as the line tones Margeaux modification with variations common of the cool months in black as well as brownish. The versions are one of the most renowned make over with using reptile skin, timeless in different tones for the period as the red.
The designs are influenced to urban posh, workhorse of Suspect, with tiny studs and also rhinestones to develop Greek and also designs.
For evening clutch bag with area and also clutches, purse with chains of different lengths, to be worn in the most sophisticated and even to offer a contemporary twist to the appearance much more casual.
Dark tones with black lead character of the collection, which matches the brownish and also dark environment-friendly, while red remains a base colour for the cool season, perfect for playing with broken when the accessories clothing declines of much less brilliant colors. Pet prints, studs, fringe and also decorations make the bags Suppose the perfect option for those looking for sophistication and also style every day.

Guess borse

Italian article : Guess Borse fall winter 2014 2015 for the perfect effect and new light in the look.

Guess fashion shoes handbags and clothes

February 12, 2014

New arrivals from Guess for winter 2013! ! Not waiting to see the new collections , including shoes, jeans and accessories play a little ‘ to choose and create outfits Guess

Sunglasses, handbags (Guess handbags, shoes,ankle boots, pumps , clutch, high heels, denim collection autumn winter 2013. Choose the stylish retro line and the original textured details make this pair of sunglasses a must-have accessory for any lover of fashion and style.

Or inevitable in every wardrobe , this socket features a heel to soar with style and has an ultra comfortable fit . From jeans to leggings or any other outfits , you’ll love this model match with all your outfits .  More pic of guess shoes.

A clever play of sparkling reflections matched the unmistakable Guess logo . Wear this necklace with star charm on a low-cut top and a pair of skinny jeans for a look that shines .

A fragrance mysterious , charming, irresistible. Delicate , fresh but also persistent , it is designed for a bold and determined woman who leads the game without losing her femininity . An elegant invitation but decided for an evening of seduction.

Men collection

guess scarpe uomo handbags outlets

The world of fashion and advertising move, is known to all, at great speed . A carousel multicolored and full of enticing cotillion in a few precious moments gives us the future trends. A future that today sown. In this case , bears the name , brief but incisive statement of Guess. Shots that reveal the details of an autumn-winter collection move , composite, at times almost whimsical in its irresistible mood changes .

Here for a moment there seems to lines of youthful spirit and rocker in a black leather jacket or a large dollop of Felix Bujo (which inevitably reminds us of that of Elvis Presley ), but soon after, almost stealing the breath , there whale in front eyes instead of another outfit that takes us back almost the style the 80s . The Guess collection ( notice it early and satisfaction) becomes like a quick trip and fun time . A lovely mat that miraculously opens more doors wardrobe , or better yet, multiple identities .